Re- enable right click in websites that block it


You probably might have came across some websites that blocks the right click menu . Every time you right click , a script message will be displayed . This could be particularly annoying , when you are trying to copy some picture or text from the page .Website makers have incorporated this feature for safety of the customer and in some cases to protect the content .

But there is a way by which you could surpass this restriction. All you have to do is to disable the scripts in the page . For that , in chrome , press CTRL, SHIFT and J together to reach the console window . Now click the gear icon on the right side of the console to open the settings page .


In the settings page , you have the option to enable or disable scripts.


Click the check box to disable scripts . Now close the console window and reload the page . The right click restriction is now bypassed .

Now , this trick has got a disadvantage also. What you have now done is disabling all the scripts from running . Not just this page , but for the whole browser. So some of the web functionalities will not work. To make them work , just enable the scripts in the settings page. Done

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