Best 5 Live wallpapers in Playstore : Part One

What it makes android different from other operating system is the customization part. You can change the look , the behavior, sounds and what not ? Google Playstore got a separate section just for the personalization apps . You can choose from the thousands of themes, icon packs, wallpapers and launchers .  You will easily get lost in that wilderness. Don’t get baffled by the ratings . I have tested many of the top applications in that genre and must tell you , most of those highly rated apps doesn’t fare better than the free apps available .

Given the size of the playstore , the task of testing each and every app is not going to be feasible for us. So i randomly test apps , mostly from the small developers . I will list out the apps that i found worth mentioning over here . Today , the app that caught my eye is Live Jellyfish LWP

This was a surprise app for me. Found this one on my friends mobile . I instantly fell in love with it. This is a very simple live wallpaper . Smooth and clean animation. It is a very light app and doesn’t consume ram and lags . Since the wallpaper is a dark one , it also doesn’t consumes the battery too much. So easily a 5 star from me

You won’t regret paying for this live wallpaper.

Playstore link :


Apps I love : Sygic

Smart phones are not so smart without the apps . Android phones are selling like hot cakes because of the huge library of apps available and the best thing is that most of the apps are free . With the mobile internet becoming cheaper and faster , more apps are being downloaded today than any previous day. So now the question , which are the best apps available for android ? There is no such thing called ‘best app’. It all depends upon the user, the hardware and even the operator.So how you choose a good app from the millions available in playstore? Not a big deal. Just search for your app. Read the reviews and ratings in playstore and download it.Also look out for the number of downloads, the more the better. After all a million  people can’t be wrong. But here in this blog , i will be giving you my suggestion. From my usage experience.

So today i am going to introduce you to the offline navigation app  Sygic India

One of the best feature of a smart phone is the GPS based navigation . We have Google maps , preloaded in almost all the android phones , to save ourselves from getting lost . But there is one limitation . You need a working internet connection for the Gmaps to work. Of course you have the option for offline maps too, but you need to download those maps before you start navigating. So my suggestion , Sygic India Maps & Navigation .

Screenshot_2014-06-06-09-50-28 Screenshot_2014-06-06-09-50-58

All you have to do is to download the app from playstore and choose the map of the state/ region you need . Once downloaded , you don’t need an internet connection anymore for navigation.


The maps are being provided by mapmyindia and are pretty comprehensive. They are incorporates features like accident reporting, traffic incidents which require an active internet connection.

But features like navigation, local search, speed traps, speed limit etc don’t require any connection at all. I strongly recommend Sygic .

Please note that Sygic has got multiple apps . Some of them are premium. The one i have mentioned is Sygic India Maps & Navigation , which is no longer available in Playstore. But you can download the apk file from 3rd party websites, just do a google search.

Have a better suggestion? you are free to do it. Please share it with us in the comments. Happy to help 🙂