Amazing time Lapse Movie using Nikon Coolpix P510 camera

Nikon P510 ! An amazing camera to own . We all know about the amazing 42 X zoom of this camera and not to mention about the near DSLR adjustments possible. But many of us may be unaware of the capability of this camera to make time lapse shots . You can use these shots in a video editor to create an amazing time lapse movie .

Have a look at this video from YouTube to have an idea of what is possible , even though the camera used is a different one . 


You can create a movie similar to that one by following these simple steps . To make time lapse shots , an external device called intervalometer is used . Fortunately , for us the Nikon Coolpix P510 comes with an inbuilt setting which could be used as an alternative.  

How to do it ?

Before you start taking pictures , make sure that your camera is fully charged . 
Enough space is there in the SD card.
Also , if you don’t have a tripod , make sure to keep the camera in a steady position .
Change the camera mode into Manual focus mode and lock the focus on your point of interest.
Press the Fn key on the camera and choose the timer setting.
Use a 5 minutes or 10 minutes for the timer , it is your choice.
Press the Shutter button once .
Remember that the camera will keep on capturing pictures in regular intervals , till you stop the camera . So make sure that the time setting you choose is ideal for your purpose . 
The camera will go into the standby mode in between the shoots , but remember every initial setting including zoom. Don’t press the shutter button till you are done with the shoot. Press the power button to stop shooting .
Once you have all the shots , drop the pics into a video editor like the free Windows Movie Maker. 
Use an interval of 10 frames per second or so .Now you should have made your time lapse movie 
Please watch the below video to know how to do it . I used the Nikon Coolpix P510 camera , but this trick applies to all Coolpix cameras .


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Android Kitkat for Samsung S4 Mini duos

Samsung Mobile have officially released the Kitkat update for their Galaxy S4 mini duos( GT-I9192) in Russia. Other regions are awaiting the release. But you don’t have to wait,  as  the update is now available for download from Sam mobile website . Those from other regions can also install this update.

I am from India and I have been using this update here without any issues.

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Download YouTube videos without any software , java or plug ins

This week I am going to tell you how to download videos from YouTube without any software or browser plugins. There are many websites like that offers users to download YouTube videos in multiple format. But most of them requires Java to be installed in your computer . Also there are possible sources of security vulnerabilities in the java . Also these websites (some of them) does not work in the mobile browsers.
So what is an alternative. Officially Google does not allow you to download from YouTube and doing it is against the user policy of them. So we are left with the third party websites.
So let us see how to download from YouTube .
Go to Youtube home page and open the video you want to download
I wanted to download the official FIFA World Cup 2014 Song . To download it , i need to add ‘ss’ to the address , just before ‘youtube’
You will be redirected to the page of website
Just click in which format you want the video. Done ! The video will start downloading immediately . Give it a try
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Re- enable right click in websites that block it


You probably might have came across some websites that blocks the right click menu . Every time you right click , a script message will be displayed . This could be particularly annoying , when you are trying to copy some picture or text from the page .Website makers have incorporated this feature for safety of the customer and in some cases to protect the content .

But there is a way by which you could surpass this restriction. All you have to do is to disable the scripts in the page . For that , in chrome , press CTRL, SHIFT and J together to reach the console window . Now click the gear icon on the right side of the console to open the settings page .


In the settings page , you have the option to enable or disable scripts.


Click the check box to disable scripts . Now close the console window and reload the page . The right click restriction is now bypassed .

Now , this trick has got a disadvantage also. What you have now done is disabling all the scripts from running . Not just this page , but for the whole browser. So some of the web functionalities will not work. To make them work , just enable the scripts in the settings page. Done

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How to run WhatsApp on PC



WhatsApp , without any doubt is the best instant messaging app for the mobile. WhatsApp was in news recently due to its acquisition by Facebook . WhatsApp is built for mobile and no official version exist for PC .There are many malware applications that claims to be WhatsApp for PC ,what they do is stealing your personal details . Any application that claim to be the pc client of WhatsApp need to be dealt with suspicion. Please don’t download them and put yourselves in danger.


So that means i can’t have WhatsApp on PC ? Officially no. But there is always a way , right ?

To run WhatsApp on PC , all you need to have is an android emulator downloaded on PC . Emulator , as the name suggests, creates a virtual android device within your PC and let you run all the apps within PC itself.

Official Android SDK contains emulator , which is used by developers to test their apk files. But running this emulator needs some complex setting up proccedurres. So i am not going to use that.  For those who want to give a try , download it from Android developers website.


There are a some other good emulators you could give a try. Bluestacks App player is a free one. But it should be considered a player , rather than an emulator, nevertheless runs android apps . When i tried out, i found it lagging and many a times i had to force shut it down.

An alternative is You Wave . This is the emulator that i use currently . This is not a freeware , but you can try it before buying. It is very stable and runs without any lag or freezes . Only issue i found is the ROM . The device that is being emulated doesnot have enough memory and neither i found an option to increase the memory. So that is a -ve for me. Anyways , the original application is far far bettter than Bluestacks .






So now back to the topic. With the emulator installed and opened , download the Whatsapp messenger and install it .


While opening it will ask for the phone number ,enter it and wait till the app waits for the confirmation code ( 5 Minutes) .




Once the time out is finished , you will reach a new window which says sms verification failed . Here you can enter the confirmation code you reeviced via sms . Just the enter the code in the space above call me button. Finished . You are now ready to use WhatsApp on PC . Enjoy !!!! 


NB : Please note that WhatsApp doesnot allow same phone number to be used in multiple devices , so you may have to use a number that is not associated with an existing account . 


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