Create apps on android phone without any coding

Last week we told you how to create applications for android phones without any coding . Today I am going one step further , telling you how to create your own apps within the mobile itself , without coding of-course .  You can distribute it for free or earn profit from it by selling through google play or appstores .

So what all things i need to start ?

The first thing i need is an app called Tasker.  It is a paid app and can be downloaded from Google Play store . Takser lets you automate tasks in the phone. It turns your smart phone into a super-smart-phone .Build your own reminders or change your wallpaper in regular intervals , Tasker does it seamlessly. You can do simple to complex things in Tasker. Taking photos with gestures, locking the gallery or an app, reading out the text messages , calling out the caller name etc etc . Imagine you building your own anti-theft app ! Yes it is possible in Tasker. You can make stand alone apps , yes *.apk files , using a free plugin Tasker App Factory , which you can download from Play  store.

So how to make an app ? I will show you how to make a simple app , which i named as Flip2 . What Flip2 does is , it will put the phone into silent / sleep mode when you place the phone face down. Please note that your phone need to be rooted for all the features to work. To know how to root your phone , click here.

First create a new project in Tasker . Before that you have to disable the Beginner mode in Preferences

Ok. Gave a name for the project, that will be the name for your app . Here i gave the name Flip2


Now we have to create a new profile for this app. Since we are going to create an app based on the state of the phone , choose State. In the State , choose Sensor . Now all the sensors available will be listed out in black .  Here for my app , i choose Orientation .

Screenshot_2014-07-02-11-58-30       Screenshot_2014-07-02-11-59-52  Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-00-08


Once the orientation is selected , now you can choose the conditions . The app will work when the condition is satisfied. So i choose Face Down , so that the app will run when i keep the phone face down.



So you have successfully completed the profile. Now we have to choose the tasks to be carried out once the condition is met . I need my app to put the phone into silent mode , turn the wifi/ bluetooth/ mobile data off . So i choose New Task  and name it as Sleep .ChooseAudio>Silent Mode >On  – This will put the phone into silent mode on face down . Similarly i set the modes for Wifi, bluetooth, mobile data and media control ( eg :stopping the music player ) .Once you are done with the tasks , go back to Profiles

Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-01-54  Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-02-18  Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-06-07

Now the phone knows what to do once i keep the phone face down. But we don’t want to keep our phone always down . So we have to assign exit tasks for the phone to revert back to the original settings, once we take our phone from the face-down condition . For this , press an hold the task name (Sleep) till a menu appears as shown above . Choose Add Exit Task. i want my phone out of silent mode and also turn the wifi on , if the battery level is more than 30 % . Also i can set a notification beep and also lock the phone for unauthorized users . I can also make the wifi on or off depending upon the location. But for now i am just reverting back to the original setting . Once you are done with exit task , go back to profile

Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-09-45      Screenshot_2014-07-02-12-09-52


Now your app is ready . Press the Project name till a new menu appears


Click Select Icon . You can choose from the inbuilt icons or download or choose your own ( You have to create an icon and download it to phone) .

Now the app is ready for building . If you are intending to publish the app into play store , you  have to create signatures . For this go to More >Developer Options>Create Certificate  .

Now Choose Export > As an App

Fill out the details about the app . Done . Your app will be created




Now you have successfully created an app. You can run it in your phone and distribute it through Play store .

Do you find this helpful ? Please share this and give your valuable comments .If anyone needed the Flip2 app , please post it in comments or my Facebook page.   Happy to help 🙂



Best 5 Live wallpapers in Playstore : Part One

What it makes android different from other operating system is the customization part. You can change the look , the behavior, sounds and what not ? Google Playstore got a separate section just for the personalization apps . You can choose from the thousands of themes, icon packs, wallpapers and launchers .  You will easily get lost in that wilderness. Don’t get baffled by the ratings . I have tested many of the top applications in that genre and must tell you , most of those highly rated apps doesn’t fare better than the free apps available .

Given the size of the playstore , the task of testing each and every app is not going to be feasible for us. So i randomly test apps , mostly from the small developers . I will list out the apps that i found worth mentioning over here . Today , the app that caught my eye is Live Jellyfish LWP

This was a surprise app for me. Found this one on my friends mobile . I instantly fell in love with it. This is a very simple live wallpaper . Smooth and clean animation. It is a very light app and doesn’t consume ram and lags . Since the wallpaper is a dark one , it also doesn’t consumes the battery too much. So easily a 5 star from me

You won’t regret paying for this live wallpaper.

Playstore link :

How to create your own android app without any coding for free

There are tons of resources available for you to learn android , and almost all are absolutely free . Being open source , Android SDK and toolkit can be downloaded from the official Android Developer website . Android website itself have great articles to start your learning .But learning a language is not an easy task. It takes weeks of training before you could even try to develop your own app. But i will tell you an alternative. This option is for those guys , who wants to develop their own android application without even writing a single line of code . All you need is the imagination .

So how you are going to do it ? Actually there are many websites that offers the users to develop their own android applications , but most of them on a subscription plan . Subscription fees depends upon the pack you are going to choose and will cost you anywhere not less than $33 . If you can’t shell out money , don’t be disappointed . There are a couple of web services that offers this for free of cost. I tried out two of them Appypie and Andromo , both are free , but subscription packs are also available . But i would recommend you to start with the free service before moving out to a paid service. As i said , i tried out Appypie and Andromo but ultimately i ended up with Andromo . I felt Andromo will be more friendly for a novice user . But Andromo requires you to sign up before starting , whereas Appypie will let you develop your app but need to complete the registration procedure before actually building it . Here i will be using Andromo .


Go to


Complete the signing up procedure . It is free !


Give a name for the project . The name given will be the name of the app


Click create after giving a name



Here you can see the basic information about your app. You can choose the target device – whether google play store or amazon app store or samsung app store  , the category , app version etc. Click save and continue once you are done here .



This is the main page of your app. Click Add an Activity button to evoke a drop down menu , where in you can choose the type of activity . Choose the activity of your choose to evoke the sub menu where you can add further details. You can choose as many activities as you can , but requires a minimum of one . Please be careful about choosing the activity , as this will be the content of your app. Once finished don’t forget to click save and continue .


Here you can choose the style of your app . Colours , Themes etc .


Go through the Dashboard ,  That is the layout . Choose from the available layout . Once you customized , click Save and Continue


Monetization tab gives you the options to add ads in your apps. Please note that  free version of Andromo comes with inbuilt ads of the Andromo inside your app.


Services tab let you choose the push messages and Google analytics



Now click the Build My App button to start the building procedure. All the compiling and building will be done by the Andromo servers and this will take some time. Once the building is completed , they will send you a notification into your registered email upon which you can download your app by clicking on the Actions button . If you are not satisfied with the app , you can go back and edit each and every step. That is it . Now you have made your own Android App. If you want , you can publish it into Google Play store. We will update you on this later. For now i am winding up this post. Hope this was helpful for you.

Got a better idea?  . Have something to say ? . Please do it it comments . Happy to help 🙂

Apps I Love : Greenify

Last week i told you about the battery problem my phone is encountering . The battery was draining at the rate of 6 % per hour , that too during the night time when i was not using it . The problem was persistent from the very beginning itself. Oh , by the way , did i tell you that my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini duos . I tried almost all the so called battery saver apps . Some are helpful , but most of them are just craps that further drains my battery . To my dismay , i found the phone a little bit irresponsive when i installed the most downloaded and popular app on the play store . And another app evoked knox , the security app preloaded on galaxy phones , which warns me about a suspicious activity by that app . Most of the battery saver apps gives you a fair idea about the apps that are draining your battery , the condition of battery , time remaining and some gives you the option to force stop the apps running in background . Anyways , i was lost in the battle .

But then i came across an app called Greenify . This app will hibernate those apps that are running in the background and there by saves the battery for you. This is nothing new , as you can do this yourself without any app. Just go to settings>application manager>running apps. Select the app , then Force stop. But you have to repeat this for each and every app that is running in the background. Greenify saves your time and effort in this . With a single touch , most of the apps are hibernated.

Screenshot_2014-06-19-12-23-25 Screenshot_2014-06-19-12-23-39 Screenshot_2014-06-19-12-24-05

I have rooted the phone and hence more options like hibernating the system app is also possible. To know how to root your phone click here. Let me tell you , from my experience , most of the apps that were eating my battery away were the stock apps or the system apps like google play magazines , movies , music , search , flipboard ( yes it is a pre loaded app on s4 mini) , location manager etc. I was quite impressed by the free app that i purchased the donation version that gives me the option to hibernate system apps and also enables some experimental features along (xpose installer need to be installed) .

So on a scale of 10 , i will rate Greenify free 8/10 and Greenify Donation 10/10

Get Greenify from Play Store.

Give a try and let me know whether that worked for you or not. Happy to help 🙂


Rooting the Android

This article is written exclusively for Samsung Galaxy phones


If you haven’t heard of rooting , i’ll explain it to you in my way . Rooting is essentially unlocking the phone from the restrictions imposed on the hardware and software by the network operator or the manufacturer itself. Every phone that comes into the market are unrooted by default. But by rooting it , we can have more controls and tweaks over the phone. But rooting makes the phone’s warranty void. But we have means to unroot the phone. So you don’t have to worry much about that.

So why should i root the phone ?

I will give you one good reason to go for rooting. I use a samsung galaxy s4 mini for my personal use. Tell you what , that phone just sucks . I mean i had to charge it every morning and evening to keep it on. The charge was not lasting for not more than 18 hours , with out any wifi , bluetooth or 3g . Reason ? The apps . My phone had some battery hogging apps , some preloaded . I used some battery saver apps , but they are just useless, unless you have the super user authority . For super user access you have to root the phone. Most of the apps that we use very commonly , if given root access can be more fun . Take for an example the app called Greenify. Greenify lets you hibernate the apps that runs in the background and eats your battery. But without root access , Greenify can’t work properly . With root access you can remove those useless apps that comes preloaded with the phone.Also if you are a guy who loves customizing your phone , then you must root it . There are huge collections of customized ROMs and themes available for rooted android phones.

Is it safe to root the phone ?

Rooting a phone doesnot harm it , of course the warranty is now void. But i would recommend you to have a back up of your important data . Also please be aware that installing some of the custom ROMs can indeed impair your phone. Please go through the android forums and follow the comments properly before attempting to flash the ROM .

What all things i need to root a phone ?

Rooting a phone doesnot require any additional hardware , all you need is your phone , data cable and the computer .

How can i root my phone ?

Do the following things before you start

  • Drivers for your phone need to be downloaded , if not present , into the computer
  • Make sure your phone battery is charged atleast 60%
  • Download the Odin for your phone from the internet. Just do a google search.
  • Download the root file for your phone . Again google it . I would recommend xda forum . You will get almost all the informations there .
  • Follow the instructions
  • enable USB debugging in your phone. Usually you can find this in settings>developer options>usb debugging

Once every thing is ready , you can start rooting

  • Connect the phone to the computer through data cable
  • Switch off your mobile phone .
  • Press the volume down key , Power key and the center key together till the phone boots
  • Now you are in the download mode of the phone , which you can make out from the warning yellow triangle on the screen. Press volume up key to continue
  • Now open the odin application on the computer.
  • Once the phone is added , click the PDA button on the application . Choose the root file (*.tar) . Click start on the odin
  • You will see the progression on the phone screen. Rooting usually takes 30 -50 seconds. Once completed the phone restarts by itself
  • After reboot , you should see the superuser / SuperSu app on the apps menu in the phone. Now you can exit the odin in the computer. You phone is now rooted. Enjoy .

How to unroot ?

Not happy with a rooted phone . Don’t worry , unrooting is a kids play .

Download the official firmware of your phone from samfirmware website ( samsung only) . Follow the instructions. Locate the files into odin . Flash it into your phone .Restart it . TADA you phone is unrooted .


Know a better way ? Have some suggestions. Please feel free to correct me. All your comments are valuable to me . Happy to Help 🙂